Custom Printed Blister Packaging for Vape Cartridges and Tanks CBD Oil Distillate – Childproof

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Custom Printed Blister Packaging for Vape Tanks CBD Oil Distillate – Childproof. By Shatter Labels

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulation to which these products are being certified is Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700.20.

This also certifies that this product complies with ASTM standard D3475-12

Cannabis Child Proof Blister Packaging ASTM Type VIII I

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A milestone in the mainstreaming of cannabis products was announced yesterday: the iconic convenience store 7-Eleven would by the end of the year sell CBD oil at more than 4,000 of its locations. The story ran in the Huffington Post and then High Times and for one beautiful moment it seemed that the world would soon become a more 420-tolerant place. But then it turned out that it wouldn’t.

Less than an hour after the Huffington Post ran their piece Wednesday on CBD hitting the store’s shelves, 7-Eleven offered a clarification: “We have made no agreement or partnership with this company and do not know why they said that,” 7-Eleven director of communications Stephanie Shaw told HuffPost. It was the biggest disappointment the company had offered its consumers since they stopped selling Krispy Kremes.

The confusion came from a press release Tuesday made by the cannabidiol company Phoenix Tears. “We are excited that 7-Eleven will bring the Phoenix Tears product line to millions of Americans who can benefit from these all-natural, safe, and market-proven health alternative products,” the statement read. “In addition, this agreement confirms our belief that CBD’s status as a mainstream wellness option has arrived. We’re eager to usher in a new era of effective, holistic, hemp-based supplements that are now as easy to buy as stopping by the local convenience store.”

The statement by the oddly-named company said that the products would be carried by 4,500 7-Eleven locations by the end of 2018, focusing on stores in Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, Washington, DC, Florida, and California, and expand to more than 7,000 locations in the next three years. But not it looks like it was not to be.

Suzanne Mattaboni, a spokesperson for Phoenix Tears, told HuffPost in reaction to 7-Eleven’s statements that maybe their press release had misstated some details and that she was trying “to get to the bottom of this.”

The source : Dabs Magazine / Dabs Mag


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