EPISODE #79 Investigating CBN with Alan Ridgeway, Co-Founder and CEO at FloraWorks

What is CBN?

This week we’re joined by Alan Ridgeway, Co-Founder and CEO at FloraWorks – a Canadian hemp refinement laboratory offering specialised cannabinoid formulations.

Together, we explore one of the ‘minor’ cannabinoids – CBN. We take a look at its incredible therapeutic properties, mechanism of action, and its potential as a market disruptor.

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About Alan

Alan Ridgeway PhD MBA – Dr. Ridgeway is co-founder, CEO, and Board Member of FloraWorks Holdings Inc. He has extensive capital markets experience covering the cannabis and healthcare sectors for the past 14 years as a top ranked equity research analyst most recently at Sprott Capital Partners and before that at Scotiabank, Paradigm Capital, and RBC Capital Markets. Prior to entering the finance industry, Dr. Ridgeway held a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School where he performed cancer research. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Western University, an MBA from Queen’s University and is a CFA® Charterholder.


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