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Innovet Pet Products Equine PCR Hemp Pellets for Horses – Natural Equine Hemp Pellets, Relieves Joint Pain & Discomfort…

Anxiety, Arthritis, & Pain Be Gone - Designed to help replace a concoction of treatment aids for stress-free care and faster therapy. Innovet Pets Equine PCR Pellets are a natural alternative to harmful pain relief, to support your horse's health and fitness even as they grow older. Power Of Our PCR Pellets - Our Terpene rich PCR extract is the all-natural treatment aid of the 21st century and our Equine Pellets are brimming with over 1500 milligrams of it. It Includes the power of terpene rich seeds for additional help with inflammation & pain. For Farm Animals Big & Small - No one-size-fits-all dosages. Never worry about accidentally giving your pony a dosage meant for a draft horse. One teaspoon is guaranteed to contain at least 9 mg, making Equine PCR dosage-appropriate for sheep, goats, swine, rabbits, and any other animals that prefer their PRC terpenes in pellets.