Suzie’s CBD Treats – Organic Treats for Pets

Visit https://www.suziespettreats.com/ to make your pets day!

Never heard of Suzie’s? Read more below to find out more about our awesome company.

We are a Colorado business that makes organic CBD products for pets. We make human-grade pet products and donate a portion of the proceeds to shelters because every pet deserves to feel good!

This new video showcases the alternative business culture here at Suzie’s CBD Treats. Watch as owner Caleb Gilmore gives a tour of the warehouse where all of the products are produced, packaged, and shipped by hand.

The goal of the video campaign is to offer transparent insight into who Suzie’s CBD Treats is. Suzie’s was founded by Gilmore and our late director of development Richard Squire in 2016 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Their goal was to establish trustworthy, meaningful relationships with customers and create success stories for pets.

Four years later, Suzie’s CBD Treats has gone from packaging in Squire’s home office to a bustling warehouse full of lively staff members. The new video shows the authentic experience at Suzie’s warehouse and the faces that bake, bottle, pack, and ship right to customer’s doors. Although much has changed since Suzie’s CBD Treats 2016 conception, their goal is still to stand out as a business you can trust in an increasingly growing market space.


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